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In our studio it’s possible to work on vocal or instrument recording together with our house engineer Dennis Louwers. Dennis did a study sound engineering and music Design, and finished his bachelor at University Of West London as a Sound Technology Specialist.


Did you produce a song and want it to be mixed for your wished streaming services. We are not only do music mixing but also audio for video. Audio correction for vlog videos. If you want to learn more about mixing and recording it is also possible to book a session with our engineer to have a view on the mixing process.

Be on your own

Are you a producer with complains of your neighbours, or you don’t have the acoustics and hardware to work at home. Then it is also possible to rent the studio by yourself, and have control over everything the studio has to offer you. Hourly, daily, weekly or we can plan some days for you to work in the studio fitting your agenda. Not assured about your of working in a professional studio? Our house engineer will explain you everything what you need to know to start working in our studio. And will also always be available if you have questions.

Do it with us

When you are a starting artist we know the struggle of a low budget, at Seagull Street we always want to give talented artist a chance to record his art. In case you can not pay the rate of the studio, we can talk about doing the production together, think here about the full package. Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Publishing and Distribution.

Dj mixing

We all know the problem of mixing and have to deal with complaining neighbours, and especially at night? Seagull Street can provide you a great acoustic sounding room with ATC 100 monitors where you can be practising your skill until early in the morning. Or did always wanted to dj, but don’t know if you like it. At seagull street we give beginner courses, in the studio.

Our projects


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The studio

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